In a world that faces challenges from climate change and aims to reach net-zero by mid-century, empowering the next generation to act on climate change and serve as revolutionary torchbearers areis increasingly important.

Just as climate change and other SDGs cannot be solved in isolation, a breakthrough of geographical levels so as to achieve interlink and interactions is required to make a real difference. That is why the ‘Climate x’ , initiated by GAUC comprised of 15 world’s prestigious universities, should be highlighted for youth to pay close attention to.

The Climate x Leadership Pilot aims to provide students with frontier systematic practical training, and regional/global supporting communities to grow their knowledge to tackle climate issues. Through a combination of training, speaker series and group exercises, the program will focus on helping participants un- derstand the importance of the climate governance agenda and the synergy between climate change and other SDGs, leading the future leaders to investigate innovative strategies for a net-zero future.


Launch Day: June 18

Main courses: June-July (meet every Saturday 2hrs)

Group exercise: August


● 5-10 students recommended by each GAUC member university (open to all majors)


● Participants will be able to understand the urgency and importance of putting mechanisms into place to combat climate change on a local and global level and receive the knowledge, skills and values needed to act as leaders of change.

● Students who are accepted to the Climate X Leadership Program will be appointed as GAUC Youth Ambassador

● Group exercise will allow ambassadors to gain a major role in leading a panel in GAUC’ s Global Youth Summit on Net-zero Future fromin Oct 30 to – Nov 4, 2022.

● Outstanding ambassadors will have the opportunity to attend UNFCCC COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Application Schedule: May 18 – June 18th, 2022

Australian National University

University of California, Berkeley

University of Cambridge

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Imperial College London

Indian Institute of Science

London School of Economics and Political Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sciences Po

Stellenbosch University

Tsinghua University

The University of Tokyo

University of Oxford

Columbia University

Yale University