University:Sciences PoEuropean affairs and International Relations with a policy stream in Environment, Energy and Sustainability Master Degree

Girija R

University:Indian Institute of ScienceDivecha Centre for Climate ChangePh. D

Possess over 10 years of experience – Effective implementation and Research work on Sustainable Sanitation and Agricultural practices to mitigate climate change effects and attaining SDG 6 goals (Clean water and sanitation). Recycling of nutrients, reuse of different waste streams – wastewater, faecal sludge, solid waste. Guidance on agricultural productivity enhancement to mitigate climate change effects. Organized events, published and presented papers on Circular Economy, Nexus of Water, Sanitation and Agriculture.

Renate van Rooyen

University:Stellenbosch University Development FinancePostgraduate Diploma

I want to flip Africa on its head- to be sustainable across all dimensions. My postgraduate degree in Development Finance, has sparked an excitement within me for sustainable entrepreneurship and funding projects that will help mitigate climate change( renewable energy sources, dams, agriculture etc.). Throughout this year, I had the privillege of leading a team of international, intercultural and interdisciplinary students for the Future17 SDG challenge programme. As I reflected on my journey as a leader for this programme, I realised it was just the beginning of what I want to dedicate my life to and that is- to make an impact on a large scale.

Anasuya Gangopadhyay

University:Indian Institute of ScienceGrid integration of large scale renewable energy plantsPhD student

My research area is “Grid integration challenges of large wind power plants and related policies”. I have Participated and Completed Transdisciplinarity for Early caReer Researchers in Asia (TERRA) School, 2022. I have also taken part in a panel discussion on "Net Zero Technologies" in a conference organized by the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC) titled "Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions and Carbon/Climate Neutrality". The topic was "Smoothing wind-power variability in deeply decarbonized grids." I presented our work on "Hybrid plant and energy drought " in GAUC Climate X summit (2021). I also participated in the Climate X hackathon, 2021.

Canyang Xie

University:Tsinghua UniversityEnvironmental science and engineeringBachelor of Engineering

Had internship and research experiences in energy transition, climate policy, climate finance, and other topics. Supported China climate negotiation. Organized last year's GAUC Global Youth Summit. Determined to become an activist and researcher in the filed of climate change and sustainable development.

Kayleigh Murray

University:Stellenbosch UniversityClimate Change Evolutionary EcologyMSc Botany

I have taken part in a 'Youth for Climate' policy dialogue hosted by the Africa-Europe foundation in partnership with the British Council, in which I engaged in focus groups with my peers, and in discussion between policy makers. I also attended a meeting of the African Women Leadership Network as a visitor. These experiences have given me an understanding of how much I need to learn about policy discussions and debates to contribute my knowledge to them effectively. I have enjoyed sharing the information I am privy to through my research, and learning how that can translate to policy.

Tshegofatso Tshoke

University:Stellenbosch UniversityConservation EcologyMasters of Science

Over the course of my academic career, I have found myself being drawn to the concept of sustainable development. Through being a part of a masters' fellowship that emphasizes this point, I have grown an interest in further engaging with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the implementation thereof. Having recently taken part in the Future 17 SDG Challenge Programme hosted by the University of Exeter in partnership with QS where we were presented with real world challenges, I am committed to becoming a leader that brings about actionable change.


University:Sciences PoGlobal Advanced Studies, Environmental Policy TrackMaster

I am founder of "Ciudadanos Reforestando Queretaro" a facebook fan page and citizen movement that focuses on protecting forests and biodiversity surrounding Queretaro City in Mexico. I've been pushing forward for the federal protection declaration for "Peña Colorada" territory and managed to push forward "ecocide" initiatives at the local congress. Me and my team are always alert to ecosystem damage and natural resources. We managed to make all local candidates for Queretaro in 2021 to sign and commit to our 13 Climate Action Axes for Queretaro. I am constanlty in communication with environment local government people, with journalists, media, and making press conferences when an ecological issue arises in the city. That is why I decided to come to Sciences Po and study Environmental Policy.

Garance Breuil

University:Sciences PoGoverning the Ecological Transition in European CitiesMasters

My studies and the career I want to begin are about making a real change in cities. I am currently obtaining my masters degree on the governance of the ecological transition and I have worked with the Paris City Hall about the climate research and also with the private sector, on building new districts in a more sustainable way (air quality, heat island effect, biodiversity, circular economy). With this experience, I have come to realized that more than small voluntary actions, we need action at a larger scale, more international cooperation and leadership to reach the net-zero by 2050.

Naman Kapoor

University:Sciences PoPolitics & GovernmentBachelor of Arts

Naman is a campaigner for Sadhguru's Save Soil movement in France. To tackle the cigarette butt pollution in his city, he wrote to the Mayor of Le Havre Édouard Philippe in which he made policy suggestions based on Richard Thaler's Nudge theory following which Ballot Bins were installed across Le Havre to reduce cigarette butt pollution. Naman is a UN Millennium Fellow, his FLAME project expands as Fostering Leadership through Access to Mentorship and Education. Through FLAME, Naman has trained conscientious choice-maker and an engaged change-maker to further UN sustainable development goals.

Olivia Jones

University:Stellenbosch UniversityClimate Change Ecology BSc (Hons) Biodiversity and Ecology

I have an undergraduate degree in Biodiversity and Ecology and am currently completing my Honours, with plans to study further to PhD. My long-term goal is to contribute towards research in the field of climate change ecology, as well as be actively involved in the implementation of climate and conservation innovations. I was driven to join the GAUC program because I believe it will benefit me in the short term, in my current and future studies, as well as in the long term, when I strive to contribute to reaching net zero.

Zongxu Xie(谢宗旭)

University:Tsinghua UniversityWater Resources Management, Hydrology & International RelationsPhD Candidate

With a passion for climate issues, I have been actively involved with activities and organizations that promote sustainable growth and raise climate awareness. For instance, I have undertaken a summer program on climate change and middle east at Tel Aviv University. I was also a delegate of the 6th MCCCOP and the 2022 World Bank Youth SUmmit on inclusive growth.

Carolina da Silva Grangeia

University:Federal University of Rio de JaneiroM.Sc. in Urban and Environmental EngineeringMaster of Science

I am a researcher at The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in the areas of urban mobility, climate policy, energy transition and carbon pricing, as well as leader of the research at the Brazilian Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment on ESG in agribusiness. My tipping point was to resign my job and find something that could genuinely give me passion and purpose regarding energy and climate change. So, in my previous experience, I worked as Urban Mobility Analyst at non-profit organization called World Resources Institute, working to support global south cities in their transition towards e-bus deployment.

Mara Ghilan

University:London School of Economics and Political ScienceMSc Global PoliticsMSc Global Politics

I am passionate about the fight against climate change and I am looking forward to learning more about the role that multilateral cooperation plays in driving ambition. Alongside my studies in Global Politics and Environmental Governance, I have written a prize-winning policy proposal focusing on improving emission trading for emission reduction and have contributed to novel research on the role that citizen participation and deliberation can play in advancing climate action.

Rohan P Unni

University:Indian Institute of ScienceMechanical EngineeringBachelor of Technology

I am a doctoral student at the Indian Institute of Science working in the field of renewable energy. It is my desire to get involved in climate change action and contribute to its cause after my PhD. I am trained by Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

Yenziwe Mbuyisa

University:Stellenbosch University

Andreea Diana Manolache

University:Tsinghua UniversitySchool of Economics and ManagementEconomics and Finance

I'm captivated by the new initiatives suggested by youth groups, and I believe I owe it to myself to take action toward a more sustainable future. I learned the value of a healthy food system and sustainable agriculture during my internship at ProVeg International while closely working with the Asia and Europe team. Innovation provides limitless possibilities and can serve as a link between global challenges. As I pursue a career in technology, I want to help the digital transformation and cross-border collaboration in the battle against climate change and a global green transition that is sustainable.

Charmaine Ko

University:Columbia UniversityEnvironmental ScienceBachelor of Science

For nine months, I was the co-Project Lead for the Environment Team at the Think Tank and Civil Societies of the University of Pennsylvania where I collected numerical data and vetted through the literature of environmental think tanks for the 2021 Global Go To Think Tank Index. I also have experience hosting intergovernmental environmental events with my presentation on the Team’s findings at the Summer Symposium 2021. I have been a Chatham House Common Futures Conversations Green Future Working Group participant for four months where I work among other European and African youth to brainstorm recommendations for Chatham House.

Duduzile Ngwenya

University:Stellenbosch UniversityRestoration EcologyPhD

The program is a value addition to my current skills and aligns well with my career prospects. Its emphasis on the SDGs and climate change leadership equips anyone seeking to be part of the solution with the right knowlegde and skills. As someone aspiring to occupy spaces in international dialogues dealing with multifaceted global issues such as climate change, i seek to acquire interdisciplinary skills and intellectual openness. Equally important is for me to establish international networks for collaboration, mobilisation, career pathways, and experience in international relations. The GAUC program is therefore an ideal platform for networking and is well placed to address my skills gap in governance, finance/economics and administration. My previous experience in the field includes field surveys on flora and faunal data, greenhouse management, field guiding, and restoration.

Kauthar van Harte

University:Stellenbosch University Environmental Management Postgraduate Diploma

I hold a BA(Development and Environment);degree and am currently busy with a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management. I recently compiled the Future17 short course which dealt with the SDG Goals. I believe that this programme will further my knowledge with regards to environmental issues and climate change.

Shangchen Zhang

University:Tsinghua UniversityGlobal Environment ProgramBachelor

As a member of the GAUC-COP25 youth delegation, I went to COP25 By officially announcing the youth’s declaration on climate change at COP, we spoke up as the young generation. That’s when I realized the important role of the young generation. Last year I participated and volunteered at Climate X Global Youth Summit and was amazed by the idea of the synergy between addressing climate change and other sustainable development challenges. So I join this program to seek the opportunity to work with youth from different backgrounds.

Wu Qingyang

University:Tsinghua UniversityEconomicsMaster

The study field of mine is climate change economics, and I have published some paper such as Energy Economics, Journal of Environmental Management. As well, I am the co-founder of Student Association on Net-zero Future, THU.

Bianca Garvin

University:Imperial College LondonMSc Climate Change, Management and FinanceMSc

My interest in pursuing climate-related work and studies started from courses in environmental governance and politics that I took at Sciences Po and the LSE. Simultaneously, I was doing an internship at the Global Maritime Forum, where I got to work on several projects with the ambition of pushing decarbonisation in the maritime industry. These reinforced my drive to have a career in the field and led me to undertake the MSc Climate Change, Management and Finance at Imperial College that I am currently enrolled in, and have just started a climate change and sustainability consulting internship at EY.


University:Sciences PoUrban StudiesM1 Comparative Urban Governance

I am aware of the need for rapid action to mitigate our environmental impact, and transform our societies towards resilient paths since my teenager years, and I always have tried to align my academic and professional careers with this concern (through activism, advocacy work, choosing a career that aims to act at the local level to achieve global sustainability goals…). Thus, I decided to join the program because I think I can contribute to the Climate x Leadership with my knowledge and past experiences in food sustainability, citizen empowerment… and with my academic knowledge about governance and urban transition towards climate neutrality.

Chang Tan

University:Tsinghua UniversityGlobal Change EconomicsPhD.

After spending four years in geography and economic study, I found that I have a great passion in the research about global change and sustainable development. In the past three years, I mainly focus on industrial low-carbon development and have worked as an intern at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. Also, I spent six mouth in The Nature Conservancy as a volunteer, supporting the zero-deforestation supply chain project. Now, I am a PhD. Student in the Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University.

Cheng Hou Sheng (Samson)

University:Tsinghua UniversityEnvironmental Engineering (Global Environment Program)Bachelor of Engineering

I advocate for global environmental governance and collective climate actions, and work for China’s Climate Negotiation Team to conduct international climate policy analyses for China-US negotiations and COPs. I also build models to evaluate sustainable investment opportunities at World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation. I actively promote bottom-up education and exchanges with diverse stakeholders, including drafting the “Climate X Global Youth Declaration” with the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate and cofounding Genervision House, an NGO that localizes UN SDG implementation in Macao SAR, China.

Cindy Smith

University:The Australian National University Climate change

My current role is in Mining in the closure space, ensuring that the mine is of such high standard to be handed back to the Traditional Owners. This includes modelling future impacts of the site from not only mining but climate change.

Cinthia Nazario

University:Federal University of Rio de JaneiroMechanical Engineering

Since 2018 working on the Brazilian energy sector. Primarily working with thermoelectric power plants to supply energy demand of isolated regions in Brazil, fueled with diesel, biodiesel, palm oil and gas. Currently working on renewable energy in a company, as a trainee, committed to provide the energy transition to companies in the country. The major theme is about distributed energy and the benefits of it to grid and the environment. Working over the entire chain value of the implementation of new solar projects in Distributed Generation. Main subjects regarding business development: Financing, Legal, Engineering, Regulatory and Sales.

Dencia Machoko

University:Stellenbosch UniversityAgricultureMSc Food and Nutrition Security

My drive to join the programme was derived from a past personal experience that was caused by effects of climate change. Being a victim of the devastating cyclone that happened in my home country made me desire to be an ambassador of climate action to positively impact my society and the world at large. Also coming from a country that has a government with no sense of urgence on climate action made me keen to become part of this initiative to help develop a climate-resilient world. There is need of urgency in climate action for a climate resilient world.

Dongping Song

University:Columbia UniversityEarth SciencePh.D.

My name is Dongping Song, a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University. I work on my research in Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia. My research focus on sea ice formation and ocean/atmosphere gas exchange in the Arctic Ocean using Noble Gas isotopes (Helium/Neon) Tracers. I have strong passion in the Earth Science regarding the topic of climate change and sustainability. The challenges of dire climate and social circumstances that we are in remind me of the fragility of our environmental and societal systems. How to solve these issues to make our planet habitable is urgent.

Fangjun Peng

University:Imperial College LondonEnvironmental and Water Resource EngineeringPhD student

I began my PhD study at Imperial College London in October 2021 focusing on environmental and water resource engineering. At Imperial College London, I am a member of Cohort 3 in Transition to Zero Pollution (TZP), and Cohort 8 in Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet Doctoral Training Partnership (SSCP DTP). I have ever advanced to the "China Finals" of APEC Voices of the Future Selection 2020 and attended the Innovation and Leadership Winter Program of the University of California Berkeley in 2017.

HE Yuezhang

University:Tsinghua UniversityEnergy and Power EngineeringPhD

Submitted a paper with the theme of carbon-neutral pathway for Tsinghua university on academic track of Global Youth Summit on Net-zero Future, designed renewable energy solutions and assessed emission reduction potential of different measures; the paper was accepted by the forum and presented online.

Johana Mapfumo

University:Stellenbosch UniversityEnvironmental ManagementMphil in Enviromental Management

My first degree is in Environmental Sciences and I have been involved previously in Environmental Education that increased my passion for involvement in actions towards sustainability. While I have spent the last few years working in Market Research developing skills in leadership and working in geospatial analysis, it has been a goal of mine to pursue a career in Environmental Management and Sustainability. This program provides an opportunity to work and learn within an interdisciplinary environment. This would provide me with an opportunity to learn and be equipped on how to approach complex problems within the Climate change and sustainability arena

Kanishk Saxena

University:Indian Institute of ScienceCivil EnginerringBachelor of Engineering (Honours)

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”, articulates Leonardo da Vinci, whom I aspire for his technological cleverness. The lively nature of water, mainly in river streams, caught my curiosity at a very young age. During my undergraduate days, the subject I enjoyed the most was “Hydrology”, which deals with the science that encompasses the occurrence, distribution, movement and properties of the earth's waters and their relationship with the environment within each phase of the hydrologic cycle. This program will help me in my research and will increases my understanding the synergy between climate change and water resources.

Nosipho Onwabile Gqaleni

University:Stellenbosch University Botany (Global Change Biology)Msc Botany

The journey to finishing my Msc degree has made me realise that my passion lies on providing future sustainable solutions for climate change, to preserve the best of nature for the generations to come. Based on this discovery I decided to take a risk and give my career path a turn and enrol for Climate x Leadership training programme.

Nur Elisha Rehan

University:The Australian National University Environmental & Resource EconomicsMasters

I want to be a part of a solution. I believe there is a middle point between human-nature interactions that is both sustainable for human development and preservation of nature. We have seen catastrophic weather events in recent years, from flooding in Southeast Asia and the east coast of Australia to the rapid melting of the arctic sea ice. As the generation currently living in this climate, I need to be one of the ambassadors of my generation to further spread and inform people around the world about the importance of achieving a net-zero carbon future.

oscar gracia

University:Sciences PoUrban StudiesMaster "Governing Ecological Transitions in European Cities"

I have been interested in ecology since I was in high school. During my undergraduate studies I have followed many classes on ecological economics, climate change and related fields. I also participated in an environmentalist association, and oriented my various internships to the environmental question. I finally decided to enroll in a Master's degree that focuses on urban studies and the ecological transition, and I would like to continue learning as much as possible on this issue, which is why I decided to join the program.

Sarah Lok

University:London School of Economics and Political ScienceLawLLB Bachelor in Laws

My sustained interest in sustainable development is evinced through my (interdisciplinary) research as well as volunteering experiences with organisations that support the cause. Through this programme, I hope to delve into the intersection between climate change and sustainable development and the law, as well as meet many new like-minded peers from around the world.

Tania Martha Thomas

University:Sciences PoInternational Affairs

As I finish up my master's in Environmental Policy, and stepping into my third year of working for an NGO that engages in local and non-state leaders in climate action, I am more eager than ever to engage with the global community of young leaders working towards the same goals. I have completed two years of specialised studies within my master’s degree on climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation, complemented by courses in global economy, and my undergraduate studies in economics, politics and sociology. I also have experience working on research publications (with the Climate Chance Observatory) and capacity-building events.

Tri Atmaja

University:The University of TokyoUrban Engineering (Urban Environmental Course)Doctor

Prior to my study at the University of Tokyo, majoring in Urban Engineering, I was majoring in Meteorology. Over 4 years I was studying climate change risk and impact assessment and Nature-based Solutions. From 2014 to 2018, I joined an environmental consulting firm called PI AREA ( as Program Director where I was responsible to maintain the projects and build communication with clients i.e., governments, NGOs, and international entities. I have also appointed as a Chairman of NGO Indonesia Green Generation ( in 2016-2018 where we encouraged the youth generation in climate action through campaigns or capacity building.

WANG Xinlu

University:Tsinghua UniversityHydro-environmental EngineeringBachelor Degree

I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate of Hydro-environmental Engineering at Tsinghua University, with my bachelor’s degree majoring both in Hydraulic Engineering and Economics. I am interested in climate change and environment protection

Willem Malherbe

University:Stellenbosch UniversitySustainability SciencesPhD

Including the research of my Masters, I have conducted social surveys in a total of 10 communities across Solomon Islands, Madagascar and South Africa as a research assistant for a global initiative assessing the vulnerability of marine-dependant coastal communities in regions where increased warming is being experienced. My PhD research continues the theme by identifying the changes which are impacting commercial fruit farmers in South Africa, and seeks to understand the resilience of these farming operations, specifically what the capacities are that allows them to respond to the changes they face.

Yuqin Han

University:Yale UniversityEnvironmental ManagementMaster

Yuqin graduated from Yale School of the Environment this May, her specialization is on Climate Change Science and Solutions. During her academic journey, she cares about the climate and equips a large range of knowledge range from statistics, remote sensing, and social science to renewable energy project finance, environmental economics, and environmental policy analysis, etc. In addition, she trained her leadership through numerous consulting projects in school and in industry. She hopes to apply what she learned in academia to industry in the field of corporate sustainability and to facilitate the energy transition from fossil fuel to efficiency and renewable.

Aaliya Hussain

University:Massachusetts Institute of Technology Management (Course 15-1)

During my senior year of high school, I wrote a critical essay on climate litigation, which was awarded an honorable mention from Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. At MIT, I am currently a member of MIT Divest, a student organization that advocates for divestment of the MIT endowment from fossil fuel companies, and I am completing a class in sustainability and researching methods to improve ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scoring for biopharmaceutical companies.

Aditya Sabnis

University:London School of Economics and Political ScienceEconomicsBsc

I want to learn more about climate change and how best we can tackle it and mitigate damages.I have taken courses in environmetal econoimcs and environmetal geography at LSE and I have greatly enjoyed learning about climate change and the economic cost and benefits on different mitigation measures.

Ajung Walling

University:Indian Institute of Science Earth and Environmental Science BS (Bachelor of Science, Research)

As an aspiring Earth and Climate Scientist, I am interested in studying the causes and effects of climate change. My experience is mainly academic, involving activities like satellite data analysis of NASA missions (GRACE), studying CO2 emissions, or understanding the carbonate-silicate cycle. These academic endeavours are at the very frontier of our fight against climate change through research. However, I would like to strengthen my understanding of the mechanisms by which these scientific goals are realized. There is a knowledge gap between research and public policy which I hope to bridge over the course of this training.

Akash Neal Biswas

University:Columbia UniversityChemical EngineeringPhD

Akash Neal Biswas received a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles and is currently a chemical engineering PhD student in the Chen group at Columbia University. His research is focused on hybrid catalytic reaction schemes for carbon dioxide conversion to value-added fuels and chemicals, by the coupling of electrochemical, thermochemical, and plasma chemical processes. This work involves fundamental catalyst studies and reactor development, as well as macroscopic energy and net carbon emissions analyses. He has also contributed to various energy-related projects at Chevron, Brookhaven National Lab, Phillips 66, Sandia National Labs, and NASA.

Alexandre Rabeau

University:Imperial College LondonEcologyPhD in Life Sciences

I have been researching climate change through an ecological lens for the past 2 years. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be trained in a more interdisciplinary approach and learn new perspectives from partner institutions across the globe. In addition, I would love to immerse myself in the international climate change community and build connections with future climate leaders. 

Alley Feruglio

University:The Australian National University International Relations

Chapter on climate policy in MENA, youth climate engagement organisation

Anderson Anjo

University:The Australian National UniversityEnvironment and EconomicsMaster

I have travel around the coastline of my country and have seen distressing climate change impacts. Rising sea leveling is inundating fresh groundwater, gardens, eroding shoreline, and inducing extreme weather events. Local communities cannot do much to mitigate. I have advocate for reduction in emission of greenhouse gases from development projects within the country through issuance of emission standards. Local communities, South Pacific Region and the wide International Community will only see real improvements when the industrialised emission of greenhouse gases are reduced to net-zero. I would like to advocate for this change.

Andrea Sissa

University:London School of Economics and Political ScienceInternational Social and Public PolicyMSc. International Social and Public Policy

I have done research regarding climate change and its effects on poverty and inequality in Colombia (where I am from). Now, I am working with the World Bank on the development of projects related to subnational public investment in resilience and adaptation to Climate Change in Colombia. In addition, I have advised the 2021 Country Climate and Development Report (CCDR) by investigating and evaluating governance initiatives for climate action and adaptation in different Latin American countries.

Anna Lefrançois

University:Sciences PoUrban AffairsMaster

My commitment to curbing emissions and the fight against climate change has followed my throughout my studies. In highschool, I was the environmental delegate of my school and was later elected président of the student Climate association in university. This association engagement only confirmed by thrive to tackle climate governance in my professional future and oriented me to study environmental policies in my Master's "Governing ecological transitions in European Cities" at Sciences Po. Now interning at the French Ministry of the Ecological Transition throughout summer, I hope I will enrich the GAUC Climate Training with my previous experiences and enthousiasm.

Arimiyaw SAASI

University:Sciences PoEnvironmental PolicyMaster Degree

I currently work to help speed the decarbonization of Hitachi’s portfolio across its value chains. My team builds market-based environmental solutions including decarbonizing data centers, discrete manufacturing, and energy management. I have a good understanding of the balance between private-public partnerships, governments policies as well as inclusive business models. My training at Sciences Po is multi-disciplinary and has deepened my understanding of the common bridge between scientific research, societal policies, and the private sector. Prior, I worked in a research position with a public university on multiple environmental projects. I have published on a reputable academic journal of environmental research.

Asako Kitai

University:the University of TokyoNatural Science Division 3 (medicine)undergraduate

I first got interested in the climate crisis as an ocean enthusiast. As a high school student, I researched how to detect the seaweed habitat area. I found the huge role of blue carbon in the climate system, which made me help with a seaweed farm project and get passionate about the climate issue. Currently, as a medical student, I am wondering how climate health as an approach can tackle the issue around and raise awareness. However, it was difficult for me to create a practical idea, which led me to join the progaram.

Azka Azifa

University:The Australian National UniversityInternational and Development EconomicsPostgraduate

For the past 8 years, I have been studying and working in the area of development and environmental economics, focusing on marginal and vulnerable communities. This has been the heart of Indonesia’s issue as the government has been trying to improve the well-being not only in the western part of the country but also in the eastern part where progress and development have been slow. As of today, I am taking a postgraduate study in International and Development Economics at Crawford School of Public Policy—which is a continuation of my undergraduate study in economics. In between studying, I have been involved in several development projects focusing on monitoring and reporting climate finance, poverty reduction studies, and commodities assessment. I took part in monitoring and evaluation assignments of forestry programs led by the Dala Institute and livelihood assessments led by the Economic Deputy of the Executive Office of The President. I have conducted studies with the technology distribution program in East Timor, Indonesia (Kopernik), the stunting prevention program for the Executive Office of the President Republic of Indonesia, and regional poverty reduction and inequality studies for the Centre of Economics and Public Policy Studies (Universitas Gadjah Mada). Through these assignments, I have traveled and experienced many parts of Indonesia, especially in remote and isolated regions which I can share with other participants.

Barnopriyo Dutta

University:Indian Institute of ScienceBiological SciencesBS-MS

Flood ridden North-eastern Bengal, that would torment the people of foothills of Himalaya. I would hear stories of how the weather would be slightly worse each year during the monsoon. I participated in the national science congress in 8th grade and was encouraged by my mother to work on something that would benefit people, our team made a rain water harvesting device that would also generate electricity. Even though the device was impractical on a large scale, it only made me think how I could contribute more. I participated in the TATA building India Essay writing competition on Climate Change and became the National winner in seniors category (English) and got to meet the president of India, Ram Nath Kovind.

Charlotte Hourdin

University:Sciences Po Environmental Policy

My studies, associative commitments and work esperiences were all in the field of environmental policy, including recently on climate change, being an intern in the UNFCCC's Executive Secretariat.

Charlotte SUN

University:Tsinghua UniversityLow Carbon Economics and Financial Risk AnalysisPhD

I am a PhD student working on environmental economics (an interdisplinary subject), which is related to climate change. I am currently editing my papers and in the process of getting them accepted for publication at SCI journals. I have won best paper awards twice at GAUC conferences (2020 and 2021) and have presented my research at different international conferences.

Dan Mocanu

University:Sciences PoEconomic Law

My interest in sustainability has primarily materialized in my consultancy work for the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, where I investigated sustainability trends in corporate governance across 10 jurisdictions and analysed how legal and regulatory provisions permit or hinder the integration of sustainability in the mandate of corporate boards. In my previous research roles at Sciences Po Paris, I have also participated in research and grant-writing activities on the role of development banks in steering the decarbonisation of the economy.

David Shearer

University:The Australian National University Global Food SystemsPhD

I have been involved in global food security for many years with a focus on market engagement to drive innovation adoption to improve livelihoods and productivity. I have been involved in national, regional and global program with this food security focus. My study, and my interest, is in scaling innovations that not only continue to drive productivity growth and improve livelihoods, but also for the global food system to become part of the climate solution.

Douglas Pereira Lopes

University:Federal University of Rio de JaneiroElectrical EngineeringBachelor’s in Engineering

The program's mission is in line with my world view on how to deal with environmental challenges. I believe that through research it is possible to develop models and predictions of the consequences of climate change, and based on this scientific basis, it is necessary to disclose to the general public its results and the measures that must be taken. Promoting environmental and energy education at school level, to form citizens who are aware that the future is sustainable. This disclosure would take place by linking conscious society and industry in its energy transition.

E Wen Wong

University:The Australian National University Law and Environmental ScienceLLB(Hons)/BENSU

National Geographic Young Explorer, Founder of Plastic Solution Charitable Trust, Renewable Energy Development Assistant at European Energy

Emilio Torres

University:Imperial College LondonClimate Change, Management and Finance MSc

I conducted a life cycle assessemnt of Nestle's opertaions before joining the master in Climate Change, management and Finance at Imperial. Then, I deep dived into the field of Climate Blockchain during my studies where I organized events. I am currently working as a climate finance intern at the Grantham Institute.

Emily Lord

University:Columbia UniversityEarth and Environmental EngineeringBachelor of Science

Being an environmental engineering student has allowed me to learn and understand the technical challenges facing our climate today. However, I still feel there is a disconnect between being a young person in a technical discipline and enacting the necessary policy changes on a global scale to make a positive impact on combatting climate change. I was so excited to discover the 2022 GAUC Climate x Leadership Training program as a way to learn about the political, social, and economic issues surrounding climate change and meet other passionate young leaders looking to do the same.

Emma Heiling

University:Sciences PoEnvironmental PolicyMaster

I started learning about climate issues during my undergraduate at the University of Cambridge, where I was also heavily involved in environmental societies, and set up my own sustainable food campaign. I have completed internships at the Vienna Environmental Department and Greenpeace and volunteered for various organisations including CliMates Austria, where I helped organise the Local Conference of Youth, and Generation Climate Europe, where I co-led the Sustainable Development Working Group. I am currently studying Environmental Policy and am the CEO of the youth climate non-profit organisation ClimaTalk which I co-founded in June 2020. Last year, I was able to attend COP26 representing ClimaTalk.


University:Sciences PoEnvironmental Policy (Sustainable Environment and International Diplomacy)Master

I have a scientific background with a Bachelor's degree in Life and Earth Sciences, a Master's degree in Marine Sciences and my professional experiences have allowed me to acquire a solid foundation in environmental sciences and to become an oceanographer. However, during my various internships I noticed a lack of communication and coordination for resource management between the scientific community, professionals, public and private actors and NGOs and I felt the need to understand how all these actors function. This is why I joined the Master in Environmental Policy at Sciences Po Paris and the Climate x Leadership Training Pilot. My professional goal is to join a high-level international organization as an expert in marine resources and international relations in order to be a mediator, advisor and negotiator between those different actors.

Enyi Chen

University:London School of Economics and Political ScienceInternational RelationsMSc International Relations

My experience is primarily in sustainability and the circular economy, consulting businesses and start-ups on solutions to climate change. I've consulted construction firms on the importance of the waste disposal of building materials and the circular economy to reduce environmental damages and carbon emissions. I'm also currently working on a project with a start-up that tries to provide a solution to climate change through their recycled plastic waste bricks for housing, a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional building materials. The construction industry is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions and requires massive reforms.

Esha Modi

University:Sciences PoEconomy and SocietyBachelors Degree

Growing up in Assam, India, I have witnessed firsthand the devastating impacts of climate change on existing biodiversity which is so essential to sustain human lives. As such, I undertook measures in my personal life as well as engaged myself in initiatives and projects that aim to tackle this issue. So, when I learnt that Sciences Po is a member of such an alliance, I knew I had to join the program to further my understanding of climate change and immerse myself in a wider stage so that I can help tackle it.

Florence Mabille

University:Sciences PoPolitics and GovernmentBachelor Degree

I am currently an intern at Ecounion, as an Environmental Policy Researcher and Project Officer. I'm working with other European NGOs on sustainable development projects linked with mobility and biodiversity.

Frederick Fabian

University:Imperial College LondonClimate Change, Management & FinanceMSc

Frederick is a prospective PhD student at Imperial College investigating exposure and vulnerability in attribution science, having completed the MSc Climate Change, Management and Finance at Imperial College. He is a scientific advisor to the 2° Investing Initiative and works as a student venture partner for the VC fund Extantia. His wider experience includes evaluating the results of the Bank of England's Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario for the Centre of Climate Finance and Investment, co-authoring a policy brief for the Grantham Institute and financial stress testing for the 2° Investing Initiative.

Gaelle Seif

University:Sciences PoEnvironmental Policy Master's

This program is important to me because Youth voices and Youth empowerment is essential in the fight against climate change - and although we do see that leading the fight are young people, so many voices still need to be heard and it can be so intimidating to try and speak up, but such a program on leadership can help myself and so many others learn the right steps.

Giovani Gerevini

University:Federal University of Rio de JaneiroChemical EngineerDoctoral

For years I've been working with oil production. We all know the oil disadvantages to enviroment and doing to the compromises assumed by companyes, a lot off marketing actions are daily shared. We as general public assume that marketing comercial acts with true actions, but is that suficiente to achieve zero carbono emissions and revert the global warning growth? These actions are enought or maybe another technology must be take the scene? And if the change have to be start from us?

Guendalina Bettinelli

University:Sciences PoSchool of International Affairs Master in Environmental Policy

My bachelor in international relations and my master in environmental policy contributed to my interests in helping the world in these challenges related to climate change and environmental issues. When I was 19 I joined the youth movement created by Greta Thunberg organizing events for Friday for Future in Italy and helping spreading the word. Then it came the time to engage in things. Here the reason why I decided to go to Sciences Po, and then to work in the Environmental Transition Department of Milan and now at the OECD for an ambitious and game changer prrgram called IPAC.

Haejin Park

University:London School of Economics and Political ScienceMSc Environmental Policy and RegulationMasters of Science

Graduate Consultant(UNIDO&LSE):Conducted Willingness to Pay(WTP) analysis for more efficient air-conditioning and refrigeration maintenance. Sustainability and Design Consultant (DADA):Reached out to Korean sustainable fashion influencers and co-founded an environmentally friendly project with governmental sponsorship from ‘2021 Youth K-Startup programme’. Research and Design Intern (UNGCNK): Provided documentary, design, and onsite support for major projects, and composed proposals, drafts, and designs for 18 newsletters and publications. Communication Assistant (EAAFP Secretariat): implemented Communication Education Public Awareness (CEPA) work by producing PR materials and leading the national and international public events.

Hanyuan Wang

University:Imperial College LondonMSc Climate Change, Management & FinanceMSc

Henrique Fernandes

University:Sciences PoEnvironmental PolicyMaster's Degree

I have been involved with climate advocacy since my time as a Policy and Youth Delegate to UNFCCC conferences at the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) in Vancouver, Canada. Ever since then, my passion for climate action has led me to a Master's in Environmental Policy at Sciences Po PSIA and now to an Internship at the OECD-IEA Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG)!

Inès Sahraoui

University:Sciences PoUrban policyMaster Governing Ecological Transitions in European Cities

I am currently working as a trainee at the NAT commission secretariat of the European Committee of the Regions. I am participating in the Green Deal Going Local campaign follow up which aims in placing cities and regions at the heart of the EU's transition towards climate neutrality. It intends to mobilize and engage local and regional authorities to provide them with firsthand information to deliver Green Deal projects locally. The NAT commission contributes to this campaign with the Trees for Life initiative calling cities and regions to join the EU’s pledge to plant 3 billion trees by 2030. I'm following the advancement of the initiative and I report the results to the European Environmental Agency to count them in the 3 billion trees. I am also following the advancement of the EU Organic Awards that recognises excellence along the organic value chain. My secretariat is in charge of three prizes: best organic region, city and bio-district.

Isabella da Fonseca Zicarelli

University:Bachelor of Arts Environmental EngineeringBachelor of Arts in Environmental Engineering

My experience in the field of climate change begins in 2014, when I started an internship in the Centre for Integrated Studies on Climate Change and the Environment (CentroClima/COPPE/UFRJ) where, for more than 3 years, I have worked in projects and studies of GEE mitigation scenarios and GEE inventories. In 2020, I started working at the ESG think thank NINT - Natural Intelligence (formerly known as SITAWI's Sustainable Finance Program) and, since then, I have been assessing the corporate challenges due to climate change and its financial implications for companies. In order to get my B.A. of Environmental Engineering, next month I finish writing my undergraduate thesis about the decarbonization of Brazil's oil and gas sector.


University:Tsinghua UniversityEconomics and FinanceUndergraduate

GAUC's mission is to advance climate change solutions through research, education, and public outreach, and to partner with industry, non-profit and government organizations to promote rapid implementation from local to global scales. GAUC will pursue this mission by promoting exchange and cooperation among member universities and providing leadership in international higher education efforts addressing climate change. That's why I wanted to join, to talk about climate-related issues.

Jackson Balme

University:The Australian National University law and economicsBachelor of Law/Bachelor of Economics

Jackson is currently a final-year law and economics student at the Australian National University and currently works as a paralegal in an environmental law firm. In addition, Jackson is a volunteer researcher and paralegal for the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Environmental Defenders Office. His research has highlighted key flaws in Australia’s federal and state environmental assessment of greenhouse gas emissions as well as Australia’s contribution to the global carbon budget. In addition, he is currently working on a thesis into the governance arrangements of Australia’s carbon offset scheme.

James Ingram

University:The Australian National University Culture, Health and MedicineMaster

I have been involved in climate advocacy and campaigning for a number of years, with various organisations including Doctors for the Environment Australia, a nonprofit focused on improving health through care of the environment.

Jialu ZUO

University:Tsinghua University Public Policy for Sustainable Development GoalsMaster

I was born in Chengdu, a beautiful city in Southwest China. Being raised underneath the green mountains and stunning natural scenery, I grew up cherishing the nature and everything that comes along with it. I started to care about the environment during college, especially climate issue. It is undoubtly the severe global crisis that we are facing now and of which our children the bear the bad outcome. I feel the need to devote to sustainable development my entire life. I believe this program is my first step towards the goal.

Jiewei Li

University:London School of Economics and Political ScienceApplied Social Data ScienceMaster of Science

Born and raised in a working-class family of a small electronic enterprise in inland China, I witnessed the rapid manufacturing industrial agglomeration and urbanization, which aroused my motivation for seeking a pathway to make the world better - I believe that the balance between the economic growth and environmental protection should be a crucially core element, as there have still been over 10% of an ever-growing population in the world still living in poverty and in short of a clean environment. In the fieldwork from China to Africa, I investigate the ever-advancing environment of under-developed countries and hope to help people there for a happier life.

Joseph Edward B. Alegado

University:The Australian National UniversityResources, Environment, and Development Doctor of Philosophy

I've been an Observer under the Global Call for Climate Action's Adopt a Negotiator Program with Climate Tracker during COP 21 in Paris in December 2015. For COP 26, I have also became a part of the Global Assembly as one of its facilitators. Alongside, I have been working on the intersection of climate along with other developmental issues since 2012 most especially with my work in Break Free From Plastic from 2017-2022. For my PhD research, I will be working on degrowth and how we can harness this movement in the global South.

Josselin Stone

University:Sciences PoPolitical Science & LawBachelors

MUN: Participated in several Model United Nations conferences accross Europe and contributed to organizing three of them in collaboration with the WIPO and ITU Leadership: Created and leads a youth environmental organization Public Speaking: Spoke on the role of youth in adressing the environmental crisis at a WHO event and at the Right Livelihood Awards in lieu of Greta Thunberg Environmental Law: Currently interning in an environmental law organization in Ecuador

Juliana Ya Lan Tan Chen

University:Federal University of Rio de JaneiroEnvironmental EngineeringUndergraduate

During my undergraduate degree in environmental engineering, I did projects in sanitation and renewable energy, to help to achieve the sdgs. I was part of a group of students from the BRICS summer school where we discussed about sustainable development among BRICS countries, also I had the honor to represented my home university in an exchange program in Colombia where through a solar and wind energy project we promoted clean energy for communities and we discussed about the advances of SDGs in Latin America as well.

Julie Kapuvari

University:Sciences Po / Columbia UniversityEnvironmental Policy / International AffairsMaster of International Affairs

Julie Kapuvari is a sustainable development professional with four years of experience in climate justice advocacy, agro-ecology research, project management, and strategic communications. She is currently pursuing a dual Master's degree at Sciences Po PSIA and Columbia University SIPA. Previously, she worked at the United Nations Development Programme for 2 years on e-learning and nature-based solutions. She graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor's in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences and she attended UNFCCC COP24 in her senior year. At Cornell, she achieved an honors research thesis on pesticide risk to bees. Her career aspirations entail leading social innovation initiatives on climate resilient agriculture.

Keyi Wang

University:The Australian National University Businesss Information SystemsGraduate Certificate of Management

I have learnt about the 15 Sustainable Development Goals by the UN in one of my university courses. The idea of sustainable development and the future world it portrays is fascinating. I realised that fast development is often at an expense of the environment and may also create inequality in a rapidly changing world. Now GAUC provides an excellent platform for us to discuss and promote sustainable development goals. Therefore, I believe it is a great opportunity to learn what we need to do for the society and environment as well as become an influencer to make the world a better place.

Kotaro Otsuka

University:The University of TokyoPolitical ScienceBachlor

I am a student of political science, and my research interests include environmental politics, climate change politics, and quantitative methods. I have a conviction that climate change is a fundamental problem in the field of social sciences. Climate change causes an increase in the temperature around the world, influencing the availability of natural water resources in the global south. This leads to social and political problems such as state instability, civil wars, migration, and refugees. Through my research, I aim to reveal the mechanism where climate change or environmental factors have an influence on these political stabilities

Lauren Gayle Clark

University:Sciences PoEnvironmental PolicyMaster

Previously worked in a consulting firm that handled environmental topics such as the energy transition, regarding both solar energy and electic vehicules. I also worked for the OECD in the environmental directorate in a communications internship, focusing mainly on adaptation, resilience and water. I am eager to join the program for the opportunity to develop my personal skills in all areas necessary to become an actor of change in protecting the climate. I look forward to connecting with like-minded young professionals and creating an inspiring team to tackle the challenges of climate change.

Madison Cilk

University:Sciences PoGoverning the Ecological Transition in European CitiesMaster's Degree

I am a Master's student with experience working in sustainability organizations both domestically (US) and internationally. My research focuses on the governance of transboundary climate impacts with a focus on cities. My studies have brought me to explore the urban contexts of American, French, and Dutch cities. I look forward to learning about the ways in which cities around the world can promote climate resilience without compromising social justice goals.


University:Stellenbosch UniversityForesty and Wood SciencesMaster

I participated in the Future 17 programmes which has equipped me with so much more knowledge not only about sustainability but also how to taggle issues, developed my way of thinking and communicating. I learned more about sustainability and I am so inspired to do my part, encourage those around me to do so. And still gonna continue challenging myself daily to learn more and try to come up with solutions to implementing sustainable future.

Margaux BLACHE

University:Sciences PoUrban Climate GovernanceMaster

Throughout my master’s studies at Sciences Po, I have gained consequent knowledge on climate change mitigation and adaptation at the urban level, focusing on the central role of local governments in global climate governance. My current internship at ICLEI World Secretariat in the Sustainable Energy Team allowed me to work on global cooperation to achieve Net-Zero and 100% renewable energy by 2050. I contributed to projects addressing the current challenges faced by actors of the energy transition, namely how to finance the transition to RE technologies and how to create policy frameworks favorable to its development at the international, national and local governments’ level.

Matheus Jia Chiang Wu Vidal

University:Federal University of Rio de JaneiroCivil engineering with an emphasis on water resourcesUndergraduate

Academic Monitoring of the subjects "Use of Water Resources" and "Engineering and Environment" Finding solutions to solve or, at least, reduce the damage of environmental impact

Mayumi Sato

University:University of CambridgeSociologyPhD

I have several years of experience working in climate research, journalism, and advocacy in Asia, North America, and Europe, where I have primarily worked with climate refugees, community forest groups, and small and medium enterprises and timber producers. I am currently a PhD student focusing on the intersection between environmental safeguarding and restoration and anti-racism in global contexts at the University of Cambridge. I am driven by the prospects of being able to share knowledge and learn from others, and to improve my own abilities to fight the climate crisis through this program.

Ming Cheng

University:Tsinghua UniversityEnvironmental Science and New Energy TechnologyPh.D.

I am committed to promoting a sustainable energy future and combating climate change. My research focuses on sustainable energy systems, clean energy, and second-life batteries. And I have internship experiences in related private sectors and NGOs, such as UNEP and Wood Mackenzie.

Mingjun Sun

University:Yale UniversityStatistics, Economics and FinanceMaster

I have developed a research interest in the field of climate finance. Recent research has shown that wildfires and sea level rise lead to increased mortgage default and affect local banks' securitisation decisions. Climate change will be a urgent issue facing our world for many years. More work should be done.

Mpilo Khumalo

University:Stellenbosch UniversityForest Science (Ecophysiology)Ph.D.

I started my career studying natural ecosystems such as savannas and grasslands, and I am currently studying forest ecosystems. My aim is to be a Systems Ecologist (i.e. understanding Systems from small scales to the big picture) as trained and inspired by my late supervisor and mentor Prof Bob Scholes from Wits University. I have worked in Environmental Management in gold mining, helped collate data and draft the 2020-2021 sustainability report for Wits University, and worked in biodiversity monitoring at SANBI.

Octavio Martin

University:Imperial College LondonData ScienceMSc

My job search is driven by the potential impact I can have. In both my internships at Deloitte and BNP, my work has been driven to yield more impactful recommendations and transform decision-making processes. At BNP, my data-analysis, teamwork, and creativity skills were key to building persuasive and science-based reports to influence transformational decisions from the top management (Board of directors). At Deloitte, I learned to work under strict deadlines on different projects. More recently I joined the MSc Climate change Management and Finance at Imperial and I am working with Extantia as a student venture partner. I am also a finalist in the climate investment challenge.


University:Sciences PoHumanités PolitiquesBachelor's degree

My involvement began with the organisation of climate marches in high school. When I arrived at Sciences Po, I got involved in the student association Ecophilia, of which I am now the co-president. Through events, conferences and workshops, we raise awareness of more responsible practices and educate people to better understand the issues. Food is a theme that interests me in particular, I did a month's internship in an organisation aiming to produce organic, local and low-cost food. I am currently conducting research to understand how to develop this type of initiatives through cooperation between private, public and associative actors.

Philippine LEVY

University:Sciences PoEnvironmental PolicyMaster

I have been passionate about climate issues since my Bachelor, which prompted me to volunteer to raise awareness about the climate crisis in schools and to go on to study a master in Environmental Policy in Sciences Po. My experience as a youth delegate for the Council of Europe motivated me to join youth leadership initiatives on climate, which is a topic very dear to me. I hope during this program to meet inspiring people, to sharpen my understanding of the levers against climate change and to gain leadership skills.

Pierre-Louis MARTIN

University:Sciences PoPublic PolicyMaster

I worked on Climate change issues while doing an internship at the World Bank Group. I also had the opportunity to write a thesis regarding the investment in renewable energy in the GCC with a special focus on Saudi Arabia. It led me to do fieldwork in the United Arab Emirates but also in Lebanon, thanks to an excellence scholarship that has been awarded for my results.

Preksha Panchamia

University:The Australian National University Environmental & Resourse EconomicsMaster

I have done my undergrad in Economics and have seen the importance of development and growth for any country in the world but Climate change is happening and I want to be a part of the soltion for these trade-off faced by any economy and I want to know what sort of solutions are possible and also wanted to be a part of the process

Qianming Chen

University:Science PoEnvironmental PolicyMSc

I am goin to be an student at Sciencepo for the program of Environmental policy, as well as an assistant research fellow, focusing on the field of Blue Finance, at the international cooperation team at IIGF. She had working experiences in the SEE Foundation and the China Institute of Marine Affairs, Ministry of Natural Resources. She has an educational background in International Environmental Law.

Qiaoyue Kuang

University:The University of TokyoChemistryMaster

I had attended various climate and sustainability related events and activities in high school. And I was double majoring in chemistry and environmental science and policies during my first two years of undergraduate. I am not able to continue studying and doing research as an environmental science major student after I transferred to UTokyo, but I always want to seek opportunities to contribute to this field.

Raisa Fontenele Carvalho

University:Federal University of Rio de JaneiroChemical EngineeringBachelor

I study Climate Change in my Master in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ (Brazil). During the master I made some researches about sustainable development and how “well being index” (measured by Global Wellness Institute) is not correlated to the sustainable development objectives 12 and 13 (conscious consumption and climate change). This fact made me think about the importance of talking about better ways of communicating climate change and developing inovative climate solutions that can change people’s mindset so they can connect conscious consumption/ climate change action plans with well being

Raymondaud Mathilde

University:Sciences PoPolitical Sciences and Urban studiesMaster degree

My master is specifically about governance of ecological transition. I am going to work with climate issues in my career and governance is closely related to leadership and how to engage people with you. This program is so completely related to my master and seems as a perfect experience to develop my skills. During this first year of master I developed an idea of my professional life in a company working at local level. A recent internship make me feel that I closed some opportunities too quickly and especially about working at European level or in global organisations. I joined the leadership training pilot to challenge myself and live new experiences.

Rehnuma Mehzabin

University:Columbia UniversityChemical EngineeringMS

No singular moment led me to pursue climate remediation. It was more a series of steps. Such as watching the news with a foreboding sense of dread, hearing that millions of people from my homeland would lose their lives as the sea levels rose. The distraught phone calls from relatives, begging for money to sustain their livelihoods through an agricultural business ruined by flooding. Protesting on the university quad against the perilousness of the fossil fuel industry. Each little instance pushed me into acting. I believe joining GAUC is the next avenue into creating effective progress for the future.

RIchet Antoine

University:Sciences PoEnvironmental Policies masters degree in international affairs

I had the opportunity to join a collaborative village that explores low-tech technologies in order to build up a sustainable community. After this, I had the opportunity to designed, in partnership with an IPCC expert at LSCE and the Kayrros company, algorithms to track CO2 emissions of the various industrial sectors in near real-time. I also has the opportunity to design an algorithm that used satellite imagery to assess sequestrated CO2. At SciencesPo I was a member of the UN Certificate and design a policy package and interactive tools to fight IUU fishing in Guyana. Through my last internship, I will analyse the biodiversity and climate impacts of financial portfolios

Rong Bao

University:Yale UniversityEnvironmental Policy Analysis; Climate Change Science & SolutionsMaster

At Yale, I'm the assistant liaison at Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, facilitating Yale's engagement and partnership with GAUC and member universities. I'm co-leading the Environmental Policy Learning Community student group, organizing academic conferences and social events. Outside of Yale, I'm a science policy intern at UNEP and the co-founder of of a Chinese non-profit group, 2030CLIMATE+; I represented the group and shared connections with GAUC at COP26 in Glasgow. Prior to Yale, I interned at two international organizations for natural resource management and an NGO (CYCAN) for youth empowerment.

Ruidi Huang

University:Tsinghua UniversityLinguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languagesfirst-year master student

I have some knowledge about emission trading for CO2 due to personal connections and found it an interesting field to explore, either for professional reasons or out of concerns as a human being.

Sampada Sudheesh Venkatesh

University:University of OxfordLawBA in Jurisprudence

As a student of the law, I am interested in how legal systems can evolve to meet SDGs. Further, having been the student body president at my College in the University of Oxford, I am experienced in youth leadership. I am keen to combine these skills and interests, alongside working with incredible young leaders and activists from across the world, at the GAUC Youth Climate x Leadership program.

Sharwary M R

University:Indian Institute of ScienceBiologyBachelor of Science (Research)

I have always been interested in biodiversity conservation. But after attending the course 'Ecosystems and Global Change' at my university and facing some challenging personal experiences, I realized all global problems are interconnected, a solution cannot be reached without solving the others, and they all need to be addressed together realistically. Though I had been exploring my research interests, ideas, and abilities to address these issues, I realized I needed genuine guidance and training to develop strategies to achieve SDGs on a local and global level. GAUC Climate X Leadership Program is a promising opportunity that will help me develop as a leader to tackle these global issues.

Shravanth Vasisht M

University:Indian Institute of ScienceClimate Change (Electric Mobility)PhD Research Scholar

1. Ph.D. Research Scholar at Divecha Centre for Climate Change, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. 2. B.E. (Electrical), M.Tech. (Energy), MBA (Project) 3. Eight Research Publications in reputed journals (210 citations). 4. Initiation, execution and successful completion of three projects of national significance:  Prototype Solar Rail Coach (2011-2016)  Performance Analysis of Electric Buses in Bangalore (2014-2015)  20 kW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant (2013-2017) 5. Successful Entrepreneur and Start-up Coach

Shuning Ge

University:Massachusetts Institute of Technology Political science and statisticsPhD

MIT recently launched climate grand challenges in 2020 which drew my attention. I was surprised by how much more influence climate change and challenges can bring to the earth which I wasn't aware of. In the meantime, I'm deeply attracted by how much efforts both academia and industry have been devoting. I want to contribute my efforts as well.

Sibo Qu

University:Tsinghua UniversityDepartment of Energy and Power EngineeringPhD candidate

I have taken some courses on energy and climate change. For my master's degree in global climate governance, I am supplementing my knowledge of international relations. What attracts me most about the project is the experts in the field of climate change and Global Climate Governance from the world's top universities, as well as the platform for World Youth Exchange, which is very helpful for us to learn from each other and improve our knowledge and skills together.


University:Indian Institute of ScienceClimate Change, Hydrology, Stable water IsotopesPhD.

The solutions to issues related or due to climate change requires a strong & collective leadership for policy formulation,implementation and outreach. The GAUC CLimateX leadership programme provides a platform for skill develokpmet and debate at an international platform.

Sining Li

University:Tsinghua Universityinternational relationsMaster Degree

With a passion for climate issues, I have been actively involved with activities and organizations that promote sustainable growth and raise climate awareness. For instance, I have undertaken a summer program on climate change and middle east at Tel Aviv University. I was also a delegate of the 6th MCCCOP and the 2022 World Bank Youth SUmmit on inclusive growth.

Sirui Chen

University:Yale UniversityEnvironmental ManagementMaster

Previously, I was in the Global Environment Program from SOE, Tsinghua University, since I have strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge in the disciplines of environment, economy, and international politics. During my undergraduate studies, I participated in the third meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury (COP3), learning how countries around the world working together towards environmental problems. I have also organized the third Model Climate Change Conference of Parties (MCOP) to practice my leadership capabilities.

Siyi Chen

University:The University of TokyoEnvironmental Science Bachelor's

I have participated in various sustainability/climate change oriented competitions and so on. For instance, a public forum debate on the comparison between climate adaptation and mitigation. Two years ago, I took part in the Challenge4ClimateAction global contest with my friends from UTokyo and our project focused on alleviating unequal impact of climate change on females.

Solal Quéré

University:Sciences PoInternational Relationsdual BA programme between Sciences Po Paris and UBC

A French dual-degree bilingual student majoring in International Relations. Greatly concerned with matters of the environment and regenerative sustainability, in a context that accounts for social justice and equity, intersectionality and diversity of experiences. Experienced applicant looking for engaging leadership opportunities in the international environmental relations sector.

Sora Yamaguchi

University:The University of TokyoChemistry of Bio-based MaterialsMaster of Agriculture

I have been interested in global warming since I was an elementary school student. When I became a freshman of the University of Tokyo, I decided to major in the chemistry of bio-based materials because I thought replacing fossil resources by making the effective use of biomass would be essential to tackle climate change. Since then, I have participated in some projects to solve climate issues through the education programs of the university and extracurricular activities while conducting research on enzymes to degrade biomass.

SUN Ruoshui

University:Tsinghua UniversityEnvironment science & engineeringmaster

I was engaged in climate change negotiation before. I was party delegation member of COP24 and kept track of transparency issue. Now I am drafting a guidebook of UNFCCC negotiation for capacity building. Also I am doing research in the field of aluminum carbon peaking and neutrality.

Thomas Buckingham

University:The Australian National University Climate change policy and economicsMaster of Climate Change

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I worked across operations, account management and sales for two technology startups. I also worked at Google for over 4 years helping technology startups scale their businesses. At Google I became increasingly interested in technology companies addressing climate change and decided to pursue a Masters in Climate Change to learn more about the problem and potential solutions. I hope this program will continue to help me on this journey and that I can find ways to contribute to GAUC and broader efforts to prevent climate change.

Tomoaki Yoshino

University:The University of TokyoAgricultural and Life SciencesLandscape Management

I am interested in sustainable land management in rural landscapes and am studying the impact of the loss of biodiversity and climate change on landscape ecology. I belong to an environmental student community at the university of Tokyo, and this year I’m going to conduct survey focusing on the awareness of sustainability among students at the university. I'm also a member of a global NGO, CDP that prompt businesses that have a significant impact on the environment to disclose environmental information of their activities.

Umme Farah Shakin Neha

University:Columbia University Earth and Environmental Engineering Masters of Science

I aspire to establish a career in sustainabie energy or resource recovery through modern inoovative technologies. My interest in this field grew during my undergraduate research project which concentrated on defining the biogas generation potential and the kinetics of biogas generation from house-hold cooking wastewater. This simple idea has great potential to economically approach the increasing demand of natural gas as a source of energy in my country. I also wish to work on energy resources and climate risks in developing countries.

Vanessa Lau

University:Columbia UniversityEcology, Evolution, and Environmental BiologyMA

As a graduate student, my research interests lie in the feedback loop between climate change and the nitrogen cycle. How does global change due to anthropogenic emissions affect nitrogen availability? As nitrogen availability shifts, how does associated plant growth mitigate climate change? My goal is to inform climate models on how to predict future outcomes with greater accuracy. Additionally, for the majority of my life I have been involved in climate advocacy. From beach cleanups, to protests, to facilitating conversation and education on the topic, my goal is to become more involved with climate justice and leadership on an international and intersectional level.

Vitória Longuinho Holz

University:Federal University of Rio de JaneiroEcologyMaster

I started working on the topic during my undergraduate studies, in an internship researching Ecosystem-based Adaptation for climate change in Latin America. After that, I started my Master's research with Nature-based Solutions. At the same time, I founded 2 projects, one seeking to map and connect initiatives that seek to adapt or mitigate the effects of climate change. The other project aims to reflect on the importance of the Amazon rainforest for cities in southern and southeastern Brazil.

Xi Xi

University:University of California, BerkeleyEnergy and Resources GroupMS

I'm currently an energy system modeler at iGDP researching China's decarbonization pathways as well as energy investments in BRI countries. I am also the director of Beijing Energy Network (BEN), a network of Chinese and international professionals in the environment and energy field. BEN organizes events covering diverse topics and fosters an intellectual environment. Prior to Beijing, I was a policy consultant serving U.S. EPA programs, especially the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. I worked also in cleantech VC in Massachusetts. I had graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in mathematics and a minor in environmental studies.

Xijia Su

University:University of OxfordPhilosophy, Politics & Economics

Xijia studies Philosophy, Politics & Economics with a passion for social impact. He previously engaged in impact investment and start-ups, with a focus on climate and ESG. He led the climate change panel at Oxford China Forum and now serves as the forum’s Executive Vice President to promote broader international collaboration. With his fieldwork experiences in Southeast Asia and Africa, he wishes to explore ways to combine finance and social & environmental impact.

Yaxun Wang

University:London School of Economics and Political ScienceEnvironmental Policy and RegulationMaster of Science

Acedamic experience in finance and ESG, with a dual Bachelor's degree in China and France. Current carbon management PM and consultant at Carbonbase, a net zero SaaS startup, with former professional experience in green finance and ESG investment. Research experience in green FinTech, green economy efficiency, and sustainability, a Finalist in COMAP 2021. Volunteer in COP 25, Youth4Climate program. \

Yi Wen

University:Tsinghua UniversityEnvironmental EngineeringPh D candidate

Climate change, air pollution and transportation activities are within my research interests. The two of my published papers are related to these topics. By attending this program, I wish to receive novel knowledge, experience and values from the outstanding youth from different places in the globe. Hopefully we can get along well and make a small difference in climate change issue through the forum, workshop to be held and cultivate precious friendship during the period.

Yining Sun

University:The University of TokyoEnvironmental ScienceBachelor Degree

I’m a senior student from the University of Tokyo, majored in environmental science. Most of my selected courses are related with ecology, chemistry, environmental economics & policy, and energy. I have started to be interested in environmental science since high school and participated a lot of competitions and activities rated to it. I used to participitate in the International Student Conference on Environement and Sustaniability and Challenge4Cliame Action. Also I am a member of the Utokyo Sustainability Group.

Yonela Mngqibisa

University:Stellenbosch UniversityEnvironmental ManagementPGD Environmental Management

I am a Professional Officer with knowledge and application of Environmental Management Regulations, SEMA’S and related bylaws to advocate the overarching National Environmental Management Act, 107 of 1998 (NEMA Act). I have extensive experience in Environmental Management ranging from private sector, public sector and local municipalities (Having worked at UMzimkhulu Local Municipality and City of Cape Town). My experience includes but not limited to Project Management, Waste Management, Licencing and Authorisation, Construction of Basic Assessment Report (BAR) and Scoping & EIR, Public Participation Process, Public Awareness and Education, Training and Community Capacity Building

Yuelan Zhu

University:Columbia UniversityEnvironmentla EngineeringMaster

I have experience in research field about microbiology application and catalyst application in wastewater treatment, which aims at improving efficiency and saving cost of current facilities. I also participated in some senior design projects including ecological renovation and designing water distribution. In my master study, I would like to explore interaction between water resources and climate changes, and how human activity impacts on it. Currently I am conducting a research about designing drinking water distribution by optimization model. Climate x Leadership Training Pilot is a great platform to meet people with various background but with the same goal.

Yukun Qian

University:Tsinghua UniversityClimate Change EcologyPhD. Candidate

My research area is climate change ecology, focusing on the study of carbon dioxide emission inventories in developing countries from the perspective of consumption. I served as the president of Student Green Association of Tsinghua University, dedicated to promoting the concept of green environmental protection on campus. In this project, I hope to discuss with young people all over the world how to contribute to the mitigation of climate change from consumption.

Zaki Alattar

University:Columbia UniversityEarth and Environmental EngineeringMasters of Science

Experience in a multitude of climate-rated projects including water filitration in Uzbekistan, rainwater harvesting in Iraq, and solar development in the United States. Growing up in Texas, I experienced flooding and hurricanes first hand and want to help invest in communities' environmental resilience.

Zexi (Cicy) Geng

University:Yale UniversityEnvironmental ManagementMaster

I have worked on several environmental sustainability projects, including Scope 3 carbon accounting for a pharmaceutical company, mass timber materiality assessment and supply chain innovation, renewable thermal innovation development and deployment, HVAC energy efficiency, and environmental chemistry research. I am also a student leader of the Industrial Ecology group at Yale School of the Environment, aiming and exploring ways to communicate IE concepts and stories to a more general audience.