1 Mission

Climate change is an existential challenge that people are now facing. With a narrow mindset and the only focus on climate change a sustainable net-zero future is out of reach. It takes interdisciplinary efforts to create innovative and viable solutions. 

By launching the ‘Climate x’ Pilot, GAUC aims to provide a systematic curriculum to help the next generation to take the lead in tackling climate change challenges, especially with an interdisciplinary perspective on the synergy between climate change and other sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

2 About the Program

Initiated by Sciences Po and Tsinghua University, the Climate x Leadership Training Pilot (‘Climate x’ Pilot) is a joint educational project of GAUC’s 15 member universities. It is the world's first youth climate leadership training project that convenes the strength of global leading universities across 6 continents and 9 countries. 

Training content is provided by 9 GAUC members covering 4 Climate x themes, which are also the 2022 yearly themes of GAUC’s ‘Climate x’ Campaign.

3 Goals


Preparing the next generation for taking the lead in building a sustainable net-zero future.


Channelling the GAUC Global Youth Ambassadors to GAUC Climate x Summit on Net-zero Future 2022.

4 Climate x Campaign

on September 5, 2022, GAUC is going to launch the ‘Climate x’ Campaign at national, regional and global levels to prepare youth to take the lead in addressing climate change, as well as raising the awareness of multistakeholders on Climate x and call on them to step out from each silo, cooperate with each other, and explore synergetic and innovative solutions towards the net-zero future.

The Global Youth Summit on Net-zero Future  being part of the ‘Climate x’ Campaign initiated by GAUC, as an important global event will invite the GAUC Global Youth Ambassadors from the Training Pilot to organize their own high-impact events and activities.